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HD65/72/78 - Performance | Trucks | Hyundai Philippines



Every Hyundai engine's built to give years of reliable service, to save your money and increase operating efficiency.
image of D4BB engine

D4BB Engine

Hyundai HD65 gives the powerful performance which is combined with exceptional reliability and durability. D4BB diesel engine delivers 80 ps and 17 kg·m of torque. That's enough for a top speed of 114 kph, and the precise 5-speed transmission delivers acceleration to stay with the traffic. Like every Hyundai engine it's built to give years of reliable service, to save you money and increase operating efficiency.
black cylindrical brake lining

Larger brake lining

Generous 320 mm x 75 mm brake linings (with optional automatic adjusters) and the same 6.50 x 16 tire size at the front and back, give the HD45 real stopping power.
HD45 dump truck's axle and suspension part

High capacity axle and leaf suspension

The higher capacity axle and leaf suspension of HD45 exhibits outstanding durability and rigidity and maximize load carrying performance.
black radiator reservoir box mounted to the inside of fender

Radiator reservoir

Radiator reservoir is installed on the inner side of the fender and is easily checked and replenished.
The blue washer fluid is contained in a white plastic bottle

Washer Tank

Washer Tank is mounted in a safe and secure location outside the rear panel where it can be easily checked and replenished.
several red, yellow and blue fuses are in the fuse box

Fuse Box

Fuse Box is installed under the instrument panel and enables quick and easy check ups.
black tool box

Tool box

Tool box provides easy and convenient access to tools.
fuel tank lock

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Lock is ensuring a safe, secure, and comfortable operation.
HD45 truck's service lamp

Service Lamp

Service Lamp circuit is located right beside the battery for convenient repair during the night time.
image of metalic crossmember frame

Extra-Strong Frame

Heat-treated steel frame is reinforced with cross members and new bolt-type fasteners, which combine to improve resistance to frame twisting and flexing.
image of black cylindrical air cleaner

Air Cleaner

image focused on black metalic box with yellow sticker

Auxiliary Starter

The green fluid is contained in a white plastic bottle

Radiator reservoir tank

  • Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.