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Hyundai Logistics Center

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Hyundai Logistics Center

The Hyundai Logistics Center (HLC), inaugurated on April 28, 2015, revolutionizes the automotive and property development industries with cutting-edge green technology and operations. It stands as our flagship response to the national agenda for sustainability.


Rising from a 10-hectare property in Calamba City, Laguna province, the state-of-the-art home base for Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles boasts of revolutionary design, construction, and use of material which adhere to the highest standards of sustainable architecture.


HLC paves the way for more efficient delivery of Hyundai products and services within an eco-friendly work environment that upholds the wellbeing of employees and the surrounding communities.


On June 15, 2016, the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI) awarded HLC with the Kamagong plaque, signifying achievement, by PGBI standards, the highest ranking of GREEEN (Geared for Resiliency and Energy Efficiency for the Environment).